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Why Work With Me?

Not your average insurance agent, we are family.


The reason I opened my own independent insurance agency was to help people.  I would hear time and time again from friends and family about their terrible experiences with insurance claims and insurance dealings in general.  I found most of them didn't even know what was or wasn't covered in their policy.  They just bought the cheapest policy.  No one ever took the time to explain anything to them, the agent or insurance company just wanted the sale, they did not care about the client and how it could affect them.  It just would completely upset me!  Thats when I decided I would open my own agency and do things my way! 


I will rarely have the cheapest policy compared to my competitors, but we will both be able to sleep good at night knowing if the worst happened you are protected. Besides what good does saving your $100's do if it is going to potentially cost your THOUSANDS!   We all work hard for the things we have and we need to protect them.

Most importantly I can relate to your needs. Whether it is protecting your boat, beloved corvette, Harley, RZR, business, family vacation home, rental property, camper, classic car or your home and most importantly your health and the financial impact that can have, I understand the challenges and risks.  I am continually taking trainings to stay up to date on the ever-changing needs and risks that arise.

I have earned a specialist designation in

  • Marine (Boat & Watercraft) 

  • Landlord & Rental Property

  • Manufactured Homes

I opened my agency in 2019 and prior to that had 8 years of insurance experience.  I grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin and moved to Texas in 2006.  Outside of work I am a mother to an amazing daughter, a grandmother to an precious little girl, a wife and business owner.  I enjoy taking our boat out for a relaxing day at the lake or even going to a poker run, taking the top off the corvette and taking a cruise, or riding the trails with family during the summer in northern Wisconsin, fishing in our pond, sitting around a campfire or just pretty much anything outdoors!

I look forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to help you with your insurance needs! 

Best decision we ever made!

Melissa responds quickly and works hard to make sure we have what we need to protect our property and vehicles. My husband is always trading vehicles and motorcycles and she is always on top of everything! I never have to worry!! My husband was with his old insurance for 20 years and we haven’t looked back since switching to Melissa! Best decision we made!

Steph N


Let’s Start Working Together!

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